Maltesers Canada

Role: Animator & Sound Designer


To launch the first Canadian social media campaign the task was to design and animate a rube Goldberg machine that will animate across six panels on Instagram. The Idea behind the animation was to capture and show in different and interesting ways how light a Maltesers ball is, This opened the doors for different way to both show how light the ball is and how to get the ball from the bottom of a square to the top of the next. 


The Team:

Art Direction: Joey Arseneau
Assets Design: Joey Arseneau, Brad Doyle
Animation: Joey Arseneau, Brad Doyle
Sound Design: Brad Doyle



We wanted to walk the audience through the "behind the scenes" in the first phase of creating of a brand. Doing so, we included the original "pitches" for Grad Show's theme and logo.

Style board:


Storyboard - First Draft

Storyboard - Final Look